Makin' Tee Shirts

Makin' Tee Shirts
Hellu Pussycats!!!!
Yesterday I was on a mission and made 8 new tees.
I made 4 Mediums and 4 Larges.
I really enjoy making these b/c of the mixing and matching that goes on.

These are mediums laying out in piles of 4.

Before I can sew all 3 front pieces together I have to put the binding on the pocket edges.
I am very lucky to have a binding machine or a "collarette" machine.
I don't use it as much as I should. It was VERY expensive but it
can be a real pain in the behind.
When it cooperates it is a dream to sew with.


Now I am ready to serge my fronts together and then add the back to
the shoulder seams . 

Some of the sleeves and other parts come from tees that
I am upcycling...

Sleeves go in next.
Yes, I pin in my gathers and straight it first before serging.
I have knicked way too many serger knives thinking I can gather on the serger first...I can't.

Serge in sleeves and then side seams.

Add the ribbing and hem and then ...
Voila! Finished Weezi Kanga Tees.

The litle dress forms are too small and don't fit the tees
There is a Medium and a large in each colour way.
I have to say I am very happy with them.
All in the studio today.
Have a great Saturday Pusycats!
 Be in touch!! Luv Weezi xo

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pillowthrowdecor said...

Oh how interesting to see your process! I am especially interested in that sewing machine. Tell me more about that binding machine! What kind of machines do you have? Cool! Christine