Snoods...Kazoontight! ( Gesundheit)!

Snoods...Kazoontight! ( Gesundheit)!
A lovely gal wrote to me yesterday and asked if would consider making some snoods.
I thought sure...that sounds like fun and if I had hair I would like to wear one.
As I was puurr-oozing thru the internet today and researching snoods, it occurred to
that I have no idea what that name means or why that name at all.
So, off to Google I went.
Coutersty of Wikipedia

A snood is a type of headgear, historically worn by women over their long hair. In the most common form it resembles a close-fitting hood worn over the back of the head. The band covers the forehead or crown of the head, goes behind the ears and under the nape of the neck. A sack of sorts dangles from this band, covering and containing the fall of long hair gathered at the back of the head. A snood is sometimes made of solid cloth, but sometimes of loosely knitted yarn, or other net-like material.

This tidbit is interesting...
Snoods became popular again in Europe during World War II. At that time, the British government had placed strict rations on the amount of material that could be used in clothing. While headgear was not rationed, snoods were favoured, along with turbans and headscarves, in order to show one's commitment to the war effort.
( Jeeze...I can't IMAGINE living in a period of time when fabric was rationed. I am breaking out in a cold sweat just thinking about it)

In Scotland and parts of the North of England, a silken ribbon about an inch (2 cm) wide called a snood was worn specifically by unmarried women, as an indicator of their status, until the late 19th or early 20th century.

Snoods came back into fashion in the 1860s, although the term "snood" remained a European name, and Americans called the item simply a "hairnet" until some time after they went out of fashion.
They come in all shapes and sizes.
There is so much to choose from!

There are vintage snods:


Then we have the new ones that are vintage inspired...

This is so nice!

LUV these colours.

This one on  Etsy has lovely little beads.

This one has a nice swirl design ....the red is great too.

When you search snood today you get a
HUGE variety of pieces to choose from.
The modern day snood has evolved into everything from a scarf wrap to
a pull over hood that covers most of your head.

I don't know about you, but I am inspired.
One time I wish I had a lot more hair!
If you have any snood pis or tips you would
like to share
by all means let me know.

Have a great afternoon Pussycats! Stay Warm!!!!
Be in touch, email or comment...  :)
Luv Weezi xo
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