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Setting Healthy Boundaries

It's Ok To Set Healthy Boundaries to
Protect Yourself 

Hiya Friends!
Today's postcard of encouragement :)

I struggle w this too. 
Sometimes it is hard because you think...
 "am I being unreasonable or too harsh because
I think this isn't OK ???"

 We are so accustomed to people pleasing  that we question when
it is time to protect ourselves. If you have to question it, there is a
very good chance it time to set up some boundaries.

The bottom line is, there are some shady people out there
who will try and get away with treating us poorly, unfairly or
various other things for their own personal reasons. 

Often people test out our boundaries when they know that are doing
something they shouldn't but want to get away with it. 

There is nothing wrong with saying, "No...that's not OK." It can be
difficult but it is one of the most self loving things you can do. 

True, it takes some practice and isn't always easy. But, you need to try and
do it knowing that you and your piece of mind are well worth it.
If you struggle try and again and don't give up.
You deserve to be treated well and have solid boundaries.

Lisa xo

Creepy Halloween Face in a Jar

Make Your Halloween Decor a Bit More
Spooky with a Face in a Jar

Hiya Pumpkin heads!
Today I have a very quick and easy idea for you to try to add to your
Halloween decorations.

I found this mask at a thrift store for $1.00 and
it's perfect!

I cut off the elastic on the back and then tried to find a suitable jar.

I thought this one would be good even tho the mask was too tall.

I added some green food colouring into the water to help make it a 
bit more creepy.

I gave it a try with this jar trying a lid and I put it on the mantle but this jar was 
too big, too tall and the mask didn't "squish" the face very well.

But this one....works great!

I really squished it in there.

I did cut down the top of the mask to fit in better.

A bit of rope and a charm really finishes it off nicely.

Very spoooooooooky!

Happy Halloweening everyone!! Enjoy!
Love Lisa xo

Halloween Skull Wreath

Make Your Door a Bit More Creepy This Halloween
with a Skull Wreath

Hiya Pumpkin Heads!!
Today's DIY for Halloween is a pretty simple plastic skull wreath.

We drilled holes in the sides of the skulls and we also drilled holes in the top
 of the skulls in about every third skull so we could zip-tie the skulls to the
wicker wreath. I used a wicker wreath because I had one on hand but you could also
use a styrophoam wreath wraped in back fabric.

We used a plastic robe again, because I some on hand. We found that we needed to zip-tie
the skulls to the wreath because they wouldn't form a workable circle without one. 

We used black zip-ties in 6 spots to help hold everything in place.


Looks great during the day BUT!......

....looks even better at night! Booooya! 
Have fun making decorations for your spooky home.
Love Lisa xo