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last week in 7 photos

Hiya Friends!
Last week was a week of learning, pondering and a wee bit of creating.
It was also a week of getting a few things tidied up and organized.
I got my Ukrainian headdress wreath this week in the mail. I am
super excited to have it and it is gorgeous and well made.
( I ordered it here on Etsy)
Last week I spent a lot of time watching TedTalks on storytelling and
I was inspired to use the idea of storytelling in my newsletters, here on the blog
and in how I go about being connected to all of you :)
I am not 100% sure what form this will take but I like the idea of
being connected with you through the art of storytelling. Telling my story,
telling the stories of others and how we can all relate to these stories.
I have to mull this over some more but I am excited about having it

It is time to dust off the newsletter and begin again and look into
what it will add to my journey with ila & alice. I found some very
inspirational wisdom in the little but powerful book called
Do Open: How a simple newsletter can transform your business
(and it can) by David Hieatt


I read it in about 2 hours and there is a lot of simple but
helpful advice in here. I highly recommend to anyone who is
need of some inspiration regarding their email newsletter
 That is it!!
 I hope you have a great week coming. We have the Spring Equinox
 on Tuesday and Tuesday is also international Storytelling Day.
 Good times :)
Chat soon, Love Lisa xo

Happy Birthday Granny

ila's birthday: february 12th
I wrote this yesterday on my Granny's birthday but was feeling
under the weather and didn't get to write it here.
I am sure Granny won't mind I am a day late on blogging :)
Today was my Granny's birthday :) She is my ila in "ila & alice"❤️
I miss her more then I can say. Like so many of us, I wish I had some 
time with her to ask her so many questions and to tell her how much I love her.
It is only recently that I really truly understand many of the things she did for me,
why she did them and the many pockets of wisdom she offered me.
She took care of me in ways I didn't understand. I realize now that there 
many many reasons for her support and her unconditional love for me.
She was my biggest fan and never once made me feel bad about
myself or question my value. There was always a smile and much
encouragement. She was always there telling that I could do it.
She never told me to stop reaching for my dreams.
I love you Granny and miss you oh so much.
 Happy Birthday Granny! xxx
(ps. I know you can hear me ❤️❤️)

Envelope Art

When you purchase cards, pins or magnets from me they will arrive to
you in a creatively decorated collage envelope piece together by me.
Who doesn't love an artful envelope in the mail?? :)

You can find me on Etsy here or my web site here
And! if you wanna hang out and see what I am making
I am on Instagram here or Facebook here:)

Thanx so much for popping by and spending a quick few minutes with me.
Hugs, Lisa :)