I Want To Sleep In a WigWam Motel!

Helllu Pussycats!

I saw a fabulous photo of a vintage Teepee Motel 

A Wig Wag hotel!!!! EEEEE!!!!!
what??! REALLY!!!???
I had to know more!
Turns out you can still actually stay in one.
My next vacation has been decided.

It looks like there were 7 wigwag villages built in the
US between 1933 and 1950.

I would like to go back in time and be there....

Off Beat Accommodations has small article with some info and also a link to make reservations at
WigWam Hotel on old Route 66 in Holbrook Arizona :)
Only $58.00 a night for 2 double beds.
You can also follow the WigWam Motel on Twitter
(I did...I couldn't resist)
This just keeps getting better and better.

Here is a peek into an example one of the rooms...

This is definitely going on my list of place I need to go.

If anyone has been to a TeePee or WigWam Motel and would like to share please do!!!

I made 7 new Kitchen Sink Bags yesterday Pussycats and will be posting those later today.
And, I am in the studio today until 6:00pm
Pop if you are downtown.

Have a great afternoon!
Luv Weezi xo


Paper Doll Vintage said...

I luv Bleubird's blog..discovered it a few months ago...she is so inspiring and became one of my favs instantly too! You have to really make the Wigwam vacation happen so I can live vicariously through you and your blog..if you decide to post pics of your stay LOL..xo

Katie MVD said...

I need to go here!