Hell Cat Vintage

HellCat Vintage-Is Really a Pussycat!
Helluuu Pussycats!!!
Happy Saturday!
Today I wanted to introduce you yet another fabulous
vintage seller that I have befriended thru the magic of Twitter.
Cindy at HellCat Vintage has the best presentation in her shoppe.
I have looked thru a lot of vintage stores on Etsy
and hers is really well done..in my humble opinion.
If I could afford to pay her to come here and photograph for me I would!

Have a look...

This dress is only $20.00 and may have to come to my house to live.
( That's better then Value Village Pussycats!)

Luv this! How great do those shoes look???

Ahoy Matey!!!
This jacket is on sale for only $9.99.

Ooooh..summer IS coming.
(ppsst! $12.00)

Sooooo  1985
Reminds me of Whitney Huston ( pre Bobby)

omg. How great is that bag???

I really like how she uses all the props in enhance the clothing and accessories.
Go have a look at all the other great items she has listed in her shoppe.
You can also follow her blog
If you pick something up...tell her Weezi sent ya!
BTW- her shipping costs to Canada are very reasonable.

I have been spending loads of time tidying  up my web page
and getting ready for some new spring arrivals.
I hope to get tons of sewing done next week so stay tuned.

Here are a few new Kitchen Sink Bags I am putting up on line today...

Auntie's Sofa

My new personal favourite! -red satin lining inside.

Strawberry Sundae

Have a great weekend Pussycats!!!
Be in touch, email, comment ..come up and say hello!
Luv Weezi xo

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Cindy said...

You are an absolute doll! I am honored to be a part of your lovely blog. Thank you so very much for featuring my shop AND for all those sweet comments. If you were here I would hug you... and give you that dress! :)