Shower Caps

Shower Caps
Heeellluu Pussycats!
I was doing a search today for plastic bath tub pillows I didn't find much
but I come across some lovely shower caps.
I hadn't thought much about shower caps
in a long time to be honest.
I have really short hair and my BF has no hair
so it isn't an issue at my house.
However, now that I have seen some of these
I think I might want one.

This little burlesque is is very cute.


From Australia I found these lovelies
I LUV the red one with polka dots.

These ones from Spiral and Circle are hilarious

Only $9.99 US plus shipping.
This one is fabulous! Yahoo shopping


ZPM in the Uk has these darling caps...


so cute!!!

Gotta jet!
Have a great night Pussycats!!!
Be in touch!! email or comment.
luv Weezi xo