Matryoshkas Make Me Happy

Hellu Pussycats!
Anyone who knows me at all,
knows that I luv nesting dolls.
I can't get enough.
Oddly, I do not have a collection however that just might have
to change....wink, wink (sorry Katrina!)
I do searches every once in awhile to see what is out there and happily
I found some great items this afternoon.

My Happy Store has this great tape..

I really think I am going to order this roll...  :)

I have been coveting this skirt by
It comes in a pink combo and a taupe combo as well.
This skirt is at the top of my wish list.

I am trying to convince my friend Sheri to knit this pillow cover

I bought this tote for Sheri for Christmas from Baostudio

Lastly...I adore this little pendant from TheGildedLily

*Sigh*..this little one will be coming to visit me there is no doubt.

Well Pussycats, I hope you enjoyed the "Matryoshka-Fest"!
Be in touch!!! Luv Weezi xo


Katie MVD said...

Goodness what an awesome skirt! I think I needs me one of those... said...

I agree w you! I have wanted one forever....When I d finally get one, I think I will go with blue.
Thanx for writing! :)