Yes it is true!!!...finally a new Weezi Store
Hiddy Ho Puussycats!
I am back from my adventures in the Czech Republic
and I have great news!

By mid to the end of July there WILL
indeed be a new Weezi store.
After all this time and waiting I
finally able to set up shop again.
I am very excited!!!!
It will be here in London above Prince Albert's Diner.

I am extending my studio into the bachelor apt. beside me
and will have enough room to put up
my racks and sell Weezi clothes and bags.

I will be able to open around mid July once i get everything set up.

So, this puts a whole new spin on EVERYTHING!

I am going to start with bags, purses and skirts.
Get open, get the "party" started and
then move on to dresses, tees and hoodies from there.
I will be sending out emails and posts regularly to
keep everyone updated....get some feedback
on my thoughts and ideas as I get
ready to open.

I am always looking for inspirations and ideas.
Please send along any ideas, pics and sites of things you like.

This was the old Weezi store if you remember...

And- now we are moving on to better things!!!!

Had a great time in the Czech Republic.
Took a lot of "street fashion" photos
that I will share with you over the next few weeks.

Drank WAY too much beer, ate WAY too much cheese!
It sucks to come back to reality BUT it
is nice to come back to a reality that
includes a Weezi store!! :)

Caio Pussycats! xo