Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
Sorry for the absence..I have been busy getting ready.

And now the time is almost here to go to Prague.

Were ever you go the view is amazing!

Can't wait to go to the Charles Bridge...

Stroll down and take in the sights.

Now..the best part of course is the beer ...
Luv the Kosel, Pilsner, Gambrinus, Czechvar
and definitly the ORIGINAL Budweiser....

and NEVER forget
the fried cheese!!!

A tasty selection where ever you go.

I am officially packed.

Mostly warm weather stuff but a few cold weather things as well..
But judging by the weather forecast..i need to add
some turtlenecks.

Heavy coat and my winter-ish boots in case of rain .
4 cardigans and one scarf.
only 7 pairs of shoes including flip flops. ( this was a tough decision!)
3 jackets..one denim and a raincoat.
25 pairs of underware! :)
approx. 20 pairs of sox...feet need to be dry and comfy.
Unless you are lookin' good ..then feet hurt...too bad so sad!

1 knapsac...
one red over the shoulder purse and one white over the shoulder purse.
2 pairs of capri jeans
23 regular jeans..
1 pair of cargos...
2 pairs cotton slacks
5 skirts and 4 dresses.
100's of tee shirts and tank tops.

No one said i had to travel light...just pack smart!
3 weeks and no laundry..
A girl has to be prepared!

Have a great 3 weeks pussycats!
Will be in touch while I am away.
Na sheldanou!!!
Luv Weezi xo