Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
I have been working on one of my
favourite Weezi patterns called
the Swat dress.

(Note: a long time ago when I was wholesaling
I did a spring season catalogue where I named each
piece after a 70's song. There was a Burn Baby Burn Dress....
there was a Jive Talkin' Jacket.
Good times! I thought it was catchy....
some might beg to differ.
Anyhow, long story long... this was the first showing
for the SWAT dress...from the TV show
S.W.A.T...the theme song....never mind!)
(Astrid remember that???)

Anyhow..bad name but the pussycats love the dress.
(thank you!)

So..I am doing more..

I am going to add some kind of red "ruffle"
or gathering to hem.
It doesn't look finished to me.

I love this fabric!

I need to add the gathering at the bottom
to "50's" it up a bit.
I ALWAYS over-do everything
I know...but it looks plain to me.

This is a new Weezi skirt
called the Harriet Skirt.

There will lots of these in different colour ways...

I will put 3 buttons on each side.
But I think they need to be a bit bigger.

Well, that is the progress report for today.
Stay tuned!...more to come.
Thanx for checkin' in...
luv Weezi xo