When we were in Prague

Happy Long Weekend Pussycats!

When we were in Prague I spent more then a few
hours entertaining myself by combing
thru Czech fashion magazines.
I have always had a fascination with fashion mags
from other countries (especially Italy!).

Anyhow...the day we were renting the car to
go to Brussels I took a bunch of pictures
of pages I liked in the mags there.
(It's hard to see detial in the photos I know.
If you click on them
you can see them a wee bit better.)

This spread was all about long tees
and/or dresses over pants.
One of my favourite things!

I really like the red wedgie shoes here!

I thought this dress was great and
I even don't mind the leg warmers.

I don't like the denim here for this dress
but I do like the dress itself very much.

This page I was really fond of...

Rajska Zahrada...is "Heaven Garden"
or "Garden of Eden"..loosely translated.

The dress on the far left is fantastic!
Pretty floral always rox my world..
i can't help it.
I think secretly I am a fan of Laura Ashley.

Have a great Saturday Pussycats!
Luv Weezi xo

PS!- don't forget your sunscreen .