Grab your shiny silver spacesuits Pussycats

Grab your shiny silver spacesuits Pussycats
and set your taser's to fabulous!
This collection is gonna leave you "stunned".
(Ok, sorry..i can't help myself sometimes!)

Enjoy this collectio from

Born into a family of artists (her Egyptian-Italian father is a painter
and sculptor and her English mother is a textile artist).
Dena grew up surrounded by culture, colour
and the affirmation that freedom lives in expression.
During the past ten years she has demonstrated
a chameleon-like talent for self-reinvention,
from polished old school sports wear designer to costume and casual couture.
Professionally she has worked in costume design
for the Australian opera Company, and for theatre,
television and film productions.
Her personal style reflects the inimitable and
intoxicating mix and the Dena Pezzano label, established in 2003,
was originally about making only one-off customized pieces.
Dena Pezzano began with a desire to reinvent clothing
that might otherwise be regarded as unremarkable,
into something wearable and original.
Starting her label off at the markets, it constantly grows and evolves.

This collection I am showing you is called....
Ray Gun Winter '07
I am so impressed with how original
her designs are.
There is no cookie-cutter "mall" fashion here!

Pretty and feminine.

Finding this collection made my day!

Have great Monday pussycats!
caio! weezi xo