Happy Canada Day Pussycats!

Cheers to Canada being 140
years old today!
Sounds like a fantastic reason to have a
drink and lounge on a patio for a couple of hours!

Me??!...I am celebrating Canada Day
by moving into my new studio!!!!
Yippee!!! and Hurray!!!!
Very exciting!
Will post pics of the new space as we
go along and get things set up.

Today I wanted to share some more pics
from magazines that I took while in Czech.

I really like these 2 dressses.
The yellow is so great b/c of the colour alone but I also like
the 60's cut and the covered buttons.
I seem to have found a renewed
loved for covered buttons.
The grey babydoll hangs so nice
and I love how full it is.
Not so jazzed about grey..but that is just me.

Ah capes.... so lovely and so under
appreciated in North America.
I think they are smashing and should
offer a few this fall on my web page.

I really like this jacket...the
embroidery and the snug cut makes this jacket.

As a rule I am not into brown and yellow
but i was struck by this sweater.
I like the green tee under it...

You know me...I am not into too
much structure but this jacket I like.
It would be better in yellow or red...
but I don't work at Deisel.
( not yet...ha ha!)
AND- a mere bargain at $680.00
12, 960 kc sounds more expensive.

This pic speaks for itself...
there a thousand things wrong with
this but i loved it anyhow.

So, ta ta for now Pussycats!
Have a great Canada Day!
Will let you know how the
moving goes!
Luv Weezi xo