Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
How is everyone feeling after the big
Canada Day celebrations???
Can be rough going I know!...

So, you all know that we rented a car and drove
to Brussels from Prague. It took about 11-ish hours.
I love a road trip so that was Ok with me.

We rented a compact car....just need to get
from point A to point B.

So, here is Milos doing a check
( Czech doing a check... hee hee! I couldn't resist.)
to make sure all is in order...

Getting packed...

Nice little car, yes.
1. No air conditioning..Ok with me.
2. No power steering...Milos says not so bad.
3. No radio..well, we can do some "bonding".
4. No passenger side air bag..well I guess I can live
( or not live if case may be ) with that.

So...all in all a fine "basic auto" but a "not so fast auto".
I look over at one point and this is what I see...

OH YEH! Pushing 160/km
in this little car!!???

For those who know the whole "euro-road trip" experience...
no big surpirise!
But those of us who get VERY squeamish on the 401 once
you get to Guelph...
Holy Hana!!!

I crocheted the whole way there trying
very hard NOT to be constantly
eye-balling the speedometer.
(that drove Milos crazy...me leaning over
all the time to check the speed).
Anyhow..short story long..
We got there in one piece and I
didn't feel nearly as unsafe as I often
do on the 401.
Milos is a very good and safe driver so
I wasn't really scared but it took a couple
of hours for the colour to return to my knuckles.
Note to self...next time get a car with
a radio!

I saw these windows in Brussels.
They caught my eye and I wanted to share...

Really like this big pink scarves.

Luv her hair..this cut makes a gal look lovely and divine!
Remind you of anyone???

Yellow and green..yes please!
AND- with this "sort of" zebra print dress..

Have a good one pussycats!
luv Weezi! xo

ps. got the key yesterday and starting
moving boxes in the new studio!