3 days to go!

Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
As I sit here and drink my morning coffee....
I am procrastinating... which I don't often do.
I don't believe in procrastination.....
I am found to be annoying b/c of this.
But- in lieu of a freak out and minor meltdown
I am combing thru my favourite blogs to avoid all
the work that is ahead of me in the next 72 hours.

Here are a few things I found that are cool and fun....

I love this Kitty Pod!
Good luck though getting Kitty in it!

Funky but maybe not too comfy!

Fabulous round pillows!

I love how Nesting Dolls are very hip
right now.
Although, like most things it will
be done to death and in 6
months we will be sick of them.

I wish i could make these change purses....
I love these.

Ok, well enough sittin' around!
I gotta clean the bathroom, spray paint a
table and make skull bags!!!

Have a great weekend Pussycats!!!
Na shledanou!! Luv Weezi xo