Hiddy Ho Pussycats!

Ok, finally...after much debate
and consideration, I fianlly got the
room painted.

I went and got another can of white paint and
added HALF of it to the original colour.

It is still a bit darker then what I had
originally thought I would go with...
BUT-I got a GREAT response
from you and the general
opinoin was to keep it bright.

This photo is the closet to the true colour
on the wall.
The fabric on the right will be used to cover the
ugly red "sauna" wall.

AND!- I got my new sandwich board.
Check this out!...

My friend Drew made it for me and
I think it looks fabulous!

Well, pussycats...with the painting done
now I have to clean...yuck!!!
And figure out what to do with all
my junk on the floor.

You have a smashing weekend!
Check out Sunfest in the park..
...from here it smells amazing!

I will be going to get some spring rolls and
Indian curried potatoes!

Thanx for all your input yesterday!!!
It was a great help.
Luv Weezi xo