Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
Happy heat!
(I think I am the only one
who enjoys this!!)

So, here are a couple of update photos.
There hasn't be too much activity
in the new space in the last couple of days b/c
of the heat. I had to turn the AC
off b/c it was leaking all over the
phone booth downstairs..oops!

It is starting to look like a store/studio!
The BIG question is ..
where am I going to put all my junk??

A few lonely skirts waiting to be bought.

I was checking out some of my favourite blogs
and found this site.

I fell for this coat right away
and had to check the rest of
the line out.

Have a great day Pussycats!
Drink lots of "fluids" to
keep you cool.

caio! luv weezi xo