Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
When we were in Prague we went to a small brewery
to have lunch and sample their home brew.
I ordered french onion soup and this is how it came....

Cheese croutons and cubed ham.
It was great (sans ham of course).
Milos had the same.

At the same pub we saw this man and his little friend...
I love how animal friendly it is in Prague.
You can take your dog just about anywhere...
even to have a beer at your favourite watering-hole!

This place i found near the train station.
yes, you can get fabulous fried cheese on a bun
or some potato pancakes. Yumm!!

Beer 32kc or $1.60

Yes, i said $1.60.
Sign me up!

I saw this gal with these interesting leopard pants..
She was Russian
OOOH!!! those Russians (think Boney M)

Caio Pussycats!! xoxox