Tee Shirt Shopping Bags

Tee Shirt Shopping Bags
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
I know in the last post I said I was in a skirt making frenzy..this IS true.
However....due to my very short attention span I was
distracted by the thought of tee shirt shopping bags.

This is by no means an original idea and it wasn't me who thought
it would be a good idea for me to sew up these bags.
(Thanx Leah!)
But I did agree it was a good idea not to mention fun!
AND!- after some consideration I came up with an idea of how to "Weezi-ize" it.

I started w an old tee to use for the prototype....

(Who knew Pizza Pizza started in 1967????)

The idea that I had that was different from other tee shirt totes was that
I wanted mine to have a "bottom".

The black Loblaws .99 bags are nice b/c you can easily stack stuff
in them because they have a square bottom.
The question was how to do it so it was fast for me to sew and
yet still hold a shape????...
My answer was cardboard.

AND!- cardboard that you can replace .....

We all know cardboard will bend after a while and become creased.
So, I made a pocket on the bottom of the bag that the cardboard will easily slide in and out of.

You can take the cardboard out if you want to wash
the bag AND to replace place it when it looses its firmness.
The added bonus is that you cut up and use cardboard that you have at home
for a new stable bottom...or come back to the Weezi studio and I will
have some precut pieces for you.

This was my final prototype.
These are some of the ones I made last night for sale in the studio...

I "upcycled" some tee shirts and made some from jersey that
I had bought from second hand stores.
I think they came out great..if I may say so! ;)

They are nice and roomy.

Good for things that are fairly light like bags of chips
or boxes of crackers, cookies, pasta or even some veggies.
They will roll up nicely to fit in your bag.

I made 11 so far and they are $14.98 each.

Well Pussycats, I hope you likey!
I am off to get back to sewing skirts.
Hope everyone has a great night!!!!

Be in touch! Luv Weezi xoxoxoxo

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