Summer Time is here already....Yeh!

Hiddy Ho Pussycats!!!!
Welcome to the first heatwave of the summer here
in Southwestern Ontario.
I think I am the only one who is actually excited for the heat!
I love the heat..the hotter the better.

I am starting to get all caught up in the romance of summer
and the heat and what that entails...

Long summer nights at the drive-in. ...snaking on chips and fountain soda.
Peeking up thru the window and seeing a summer sky FULL of stars.

Camping .....sipping instant coffee while sitting on a picnic table
in the early morning sun
and you're already in your bathing suit.
The sound of crickets as you drift off asleep in the tent.

Reading gossip mags on the beach...curling your toes in the cool sand
and hearing the splash of the lake while kids are squealing with great delight.

Flowy cotton dresses and full circle skirts.
Freshly painted toes in new flip flops that snap after you as you walk down the street.
Tank tops, halter tops and boob tubes.
Summer make up, summer hair and summer perfume.

Pretty icy cool drinks that need to sipped thru a straw.
Crisp cool tangy salads. Fresh Fruit. Popsicles.
Lemonade. Frosty beer. Patios.

EEEEEEE!!!! Bring it on!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!
Sorry..but you will hearing a lot about how I love summer for the next 3 months.
If it is nice out tomorrow I will be sitting outside having a mini Weezi
side walk sale. I will have some bags and such outside with me.

If you are downtown drop by and say Hello.
I will be out there from about 1-6:00.

If you haven't been by in awhile we have some new SWAT tops in the studio.

There are sizes small. medium and large.

Cute summer cottons.
This top was a huge crowd pleaser in the old Weezi store....

If you look closely...this one has skulls on it!
The fit is great for all sizes.
If I do say so myself!

Enjoy the weekend Pussycats!!!
Stay cool! ;)
Be in touch!!!!! Luv Weezi xoxoxoxox