A Stranger Lists Me on Ebay

A Stranger Lists Me on Ebay & Who's on Page 1035???!

Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
Sometimes, when I am bored I search Weezi on Ebay
just to see what comes up.
Well, was I surprised when I did a search yesterday and this auction came up!!!

I made this jacket over 10 years ago...maybe 15.

Yikes..I shouldn't do that kind of math.

I am pretty sure I bought the cotton in Montreal the weekend of the Oklahoma City bombings.
That was April 15th 1995.

Boy, if that jacket could talk...how it it get from here to California?

This gal wrote a very nice description and quoted some nice stuff
from my web page.

I have seen Weezi at the Good Will and at Value Village but
NEVER on Ebay.
In a weird way I feel like I have "arrived'.
Anyhooo..it totally made my night!!!

Good Luck Steelpangal!!!
Hope you get some good cash for it!

You all know that I am a big fan of Etsy.
I have been watching my numbers there more carefully and I often wonder
how people find my stuff.
Is it a specific search or is it random....
There are SO many handbags on there not to mention all the jewelry.
When it comes right down to it Etsy is HUGE!
It is so easy to get lost in the virtual pile of "stuff".

As I am looking for earring the other day I realize that there
are over 2500 pages of earrings.
So...me being me, I am thinking how much it must suck to be on page 1035...
Honestly....who is going to look on page 1035???!
Well, me that's who.
I decided that every week I am going to do a search on page 1035 and see what is on there.
I feel kind of badly for the people stuck WAY back on page 1035.

Today I found these nice earrings on page 1035.

AND!- how lucky that they are from a Canadian gal in Barrie.
Her is store is called Blue Mabel.

She has some really nice earrings on there.

I really like these orange ones!!!

So, THAT is who is on page 1035 today.

Have a great Friday Pussycats!
Be in touch!!! Luv Weezi xoxoxoxoxo