Moo Shoes!

Moo Shoes!-Rockin 'Vegan Shoes -Luv Them!!!
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
I was "purr-oozing" thru this site this morning.
Moo Shoes

This site has great shoes. I am hooked!!!
(You know me, looking for small sized shoes)

MooShoes, Inc. is a vegan-owned business that sells an assortment of cruelty-free footwear, bags, t-shirts, wallets, books and other accessories.
What are your shoes made of? Do your shoes breathe?
Our shoes that look like leather are made from a polyurethane synthetic microfiber. Our shoes do not contain any pvc or vinyl. They will breathe, stretch, and act just like leather.
Ok, I immediately fell in love with these!

The Penny is a striking silhouette of a 1940s t-bar sandal, and is
a very quirky and eye-catching shoe. It has a 3 1/2" heel
OH wow! If ONLY I could justify buying these.
Retail Price: $225.00
OOOHHH!!! they come is size 5 as well!!!!!!

Me likey these too! $95.00

GASP!!!!! Funky red boots!!!! EEEEEE!! Yes pleeeeeeese!!!!
I could wear these anywhere....

Now...these I could call a "staple" that I can wear with everything.
AND!-they will never go out of style...right?!

Ok..let me think.......
If I sell ...say, 6 dresses today then I could buy 2 pairs of shoes
AND still make the minimum payment on my credit card.
That seems fair.
Meeting my responsibilities AND I could get new shoes.
Hmmm....oh WAIT! and of course I am supporting a cruelty free products.
That is number one..b/c you guys know how I feel about that.
Good karma, good I need some gals who NEED Weezi dresses today.

Well..either way...I will be outside today with my mini Weezi booth.
Drop by, we are here until 6:00.

Have a great day Pussycats!!!!
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xoxoxoxox