Coasters and Vintage Wicker HandBags

Coasters and Vintage Wicker HandBags
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
I have been working on many new coaster sets.

I am carefully adding many coats of varnish.
I am currently on the 8th coat and it doesn't seem like enough..

Today I will do 2 more coats.
There are more pin up gals, Liz Taylor....Sophia Loren and nesting dolls!

I did a search on vintage wicker purses this morning.
I LOVE wicker bags for the summer!!

I don't know where this store is but I have to find out...
A whole wall of vintage wicker purses....sigh!
I would be in heaven!!!

I have a few in my collection but nothing like these....

The strawberries on this one are fabulous!!!!

OOOO! So pretty.

I think they are adorable....a true sign of summer!

This one is and white goes with everything!!

Speaking of summer..only 18 until the first day of sumer!
Have a great Wednesday Pussycats!!!
Be in touch! Love Weezi xo