Bad Customer + White Boots = A New Weezi
Happy New Year Everyone!
I have been gone for awhile...
you know-the holidays and all that.
Seeing as it is winter..i thought i would post my first
blog of the year about boots.
Now, I am not sure what is up with me lately...
I think I am going thru some
kind of "style" metamorphisis..a sort of style "review" if you
will b/c i am recently
attracted to things that i would have
NEVER worn before.
I don't know if it is age...i don't really think so
b/c i have
never been known to act my age.

Anyhow...short story long...
I had the unfortunate experience of having a real "diva" come into
the restaurant where I work.
She was like Diana Ross on full speed!
You know the, me ,me, i am so beautiful, worship me,
tell me I am a goddess while i treat you like my servant. this woman was making my
life a living hell at 10:10 in the A.M.!
I had to look away to keep from ramming my
thumbs into her eyes.
So, I looked down and saw she had on THE most beautiful white boots.
I mean stunning! High heels but not trashy.
Lovely pointed toe and gorgeous leather!

So while she was telling me how worthless I was and
that she wasn't paying for her breakfast...
..i was thinking WHERE did she get those boots?!!
Snatchy broad or not..this gal had some serious taste...
and she looked great in her boots.
I was converted.
In that moment...everything changed!
I always HATED white boots.
Too Dallas Cowboy for this Canadian gal.
Not to mention the always lurking"seedy" side to white boots.

Just goes to prove sometimes some good can come from

BUT alas, the end to the story is that I live in a city that
is virtually void of
great fashion never mind fabulous boots and shoes.
Sad but true.

I have been "purr-ooozing" the internet to see
what I could get on-line
and fell in love with these!...
and these.....

and of course these....

What is next??! If someone tries to tell me that i will love brown and orange again...just like when i was in Brownie's...i had better just keep my mouth shut.
You just never know!
Caio ! luv Weezi xo