Starting New Sweater Bags

Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
I see it in my best interest NOT to leave the house
these days based on minus 20 degree temperatures.
So, i have been trying to stay warm by
making some new sweater totes and handbags.
These two that I have started I really like so far....

I have to admit i am proud of this flower.
My "new year's" resolution was to
learn how to crochet.
And- Voila! a yellow flower i made all by myself.
I did not cheat and ask my Mum to finish it.
Those who know me....
know that i may try and cheat just a little.
I am not very patient when i am
learning new things.
I tend to be very impatient and
what to know how to do it NOW!
And, i want it to turn out perfect the
first time i do it!! Dammit!
So, the yellow flower is a small milestone
for me and my very short attention span...
what was i talking about??! :)

This is the lining.

I like the contrast of these 2 colours.
Green and red ARE complementary colours.
The photo i took doesn't do
this little bag justice.
But really, it is just a teaser.

Now i need to comb through all my favourite
thrift stores (oh Darn!) and find
some great handles for these bags.

Caio!!!... hope you are stayin' warm Pussycats!
Luv Weezi xo