Electric Blanket
BRRRRR BRRRRR!! Pussycats!
Cheese and crackers it is cold outside.
I HATE winter! I hate snow. I hate no sun.
I avoid anything cold
(except for beer and/or ice cream)
at all costs!
I am the kinda gal that takes 15 plus minutes
to get into a pool.
You know the type..one toe at a time.

At the first sign of - 5 degrees C.
I immediately put the electric blanket on our bed.
Heaven!!! Sheer Heaven!
I would like to design a sassy little style jacket and
whip up an electric blanket coat
to wear ALL the time.
My problem is keeping it plugged in.
And- i fear customers would be tripping
over the cord while I am at
work and i may get fired for something like that!

For good or for bad I am a Gemini and as a rule nosy..
So, i Googled the electric blanket to see
what i could find out.

October 9, 1946 the 1st electric blanket manufactured; sold for $39.50

When electricity was born in the 1900s, electrical elements
were added to many common household items.

The very first electric blankets were very dangerous,
but have since been further developed,
designed for your comfort and safety.

It wasn't until the 1920s that electric blankets became
appealing to the general public.
Tuberculosis patients would spend much of their
recovery time outdoors because the air was
fresher than the air inside, however, the temperatures
would significantly drop overnight.
Hospitals and private nurses soon began to use
electric blankets to keep their patients warm outside.
Gradually the electric blanket made its
way to the public market, available for anyone to purchase.

Ok, well... not very exciting or sexy information really..but
i have to say, in these temperatures
it is hard to be sexy!
Cozy up to someone and stay warm!
April is only 51 days away!
Luv Weezi xo
(found at www.about.com)