Wonderful Wellies!
Oh Pussycats ...check these out!!! I triple love these boots.
These are designed by Tamara Henriques.
www.tamarahenriques.comHere is a blurb from her web page....

Tamara Henriques began her career at American Vogue. A childhood spent wearing bog standard (and bog colored) wellies, had given Henriques a fetish for footwear – Vogue led her to explore a world of shoes beyond her Wellingtons. She soon began designing her own label.

I am telling you...these boots could actually inspire me to enjoy autum.
AND!- they are availbale in Canada! Imagine that.
Grimbsy Ont. is what is listed on her web apge.
Go to the her web site...you will be doing a rain dance EVERY day!
So much to choose from and be inspired by.
Hope you enjoy her stuff as much as i did!
Have good monday Pussycats! luv Weezi xo