Hey Pussycats!
Does anyone else immediately go into a time wrap when you see this ad???
This is from 1977.
All i can think of is being in grade 7...shopping with my Mum in the Woolworth's downtown.
I desperately wanted some "Babe" makeup...all those pinks and reds!!!
UUUGGGG! i would have killed for a tube of that shiny lipgloss.
Ok, now i can hear in my head Rex Smith singing Sooner or Later!!!
( this is not the cover of the paperback i remember. I tried to find it and i could not. It had a picture of a girl in a white tee- her hair was dark and she was very cute..not to mention VERY young . She wore a gold locket around her neck with a pic of him in there. I had a copy of the book up until a few years ago...why oh why do i give anything away??!)
What a "babe" he was. Sigh....good times!
I remember wanting the BABE Perfume By FABERGE too...

but alas my Mum said i was too young.
I luv reliving stuff like that.."remember when"???
It never ceases to amaze me how a smell (especially) can send me into a time wrap immediately! And- how much i remember.....
where i was when i first smelt it, saw it or heard it.
What i was wearing...
what my friends were wearing..
where we were.

Fun stuff to reminise about....

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians!
Caio , luv weezi xo