Hi Pussycats! ...
...anyone who knows me knows how i HATE winter!

The ONLY good thing about winter is the ability to
wear lovely vintage winter coats.
I am very inspired by the cut, fit and hang of these beautiful coats!
I have a theory that a gal cannot have too many
shoes, handbags or coats.
I especially luv these coats.
I found these at www.poshgirlvintage.com

These are great examples of what winter coats should look like.
I really enjoy all the details..the specifics of a coat from that time.
The buttons, the faux fur and the belts. ...glorious.
I like how there is attention to the true waist...
...not what "the kids today" think a waist means.
I like the fit of vintage coats...very feminine and curvy.
The best thing about these is you can wear them with
jeans and casual boots OR a fabulous dress under with sexy boots.

Either way you can't go wrong...and you always looks fantastic!
These almost make me think that winter can be bearable....almost.
Now...what hat to wear?! Later pussycats, luv Weezi x0