Oh pussycats...
yesterday was a crappy day!
I went to buy yarn and groceries and vodka..
( what else does a girl really need?!)
Yep..a regular day...a few errands..nothing special.

I come out of the grocery store...
i look and look..no car.
I walk around...looking for my
lovely maroon rust-bucket.
It is NOT there!!!!
I start to question my state of mind..
No afternoon drinks.
No recent diagnosis of Alzheimer's or dementia.
Pinch, pinch..no i am not dreaming.

After much second guessing and dragging my grocery
bags around a VERY large parking lot
the realization sinks in...
My car has been stolen.
In less then half an hour.

Called the police. etc etc.
The people at Loblaws were very
helpful and very nice!
I have to admitt, i am pretty annoyed!

Now i wait...
Will i get it back???
Will it be returned looking like this???...
God, i hope not!!!

Keep you fingers crossed for me pussycats!
Maybe i will get that hello Kitty car after all...
Have a good afternoon!
I will keep you posted, Luv Weezi xo