Saturday Morning

Hiddy Ho Pussycats!!!
Well, i have been spending yet another Saturday
morning "purr-oozing" the internet.
Here are some interesting things i found...

Did you know there is a magazine called "Small".
Now, if you have met me you know
why this has significance to me...
b/c i am 7 ft 2" tall ;)
It does not have catalogues of awesome shoes for
small feet like mine...size 4 1/2"-ish
Nor does is it have awesome lists
of great come backs to idiots
who think short jokes are "oh so funny"!
It isn't all about kids..but mostly.
It has some nice illustrations and crafts..if you
have kids you might like to check it out.
I have a real thing for Japanese fashion, arts and crafts
and Japanese magazines.
( i think i was Japanese AND Italian -for that matter
in a former life...but that is for a
different day ;)

I found this site today...i LOVE cats
so this really struck my fancy!

They have all kinds of hand made fabric cats.
I loved all of them!!!
If you like cats...this is cool.
I have been to this site a few times and really
enjoy what they post...

This awesome lunch box was posted yesterday.
retro Mod lunch pail $19 at Home Decor Crafts

They have great "nic-nacs", jewelery...stuff.
I like the "great goodies under $10.00"
These were cute as well...personal kninja
Pacman Vinyl Cuff

And, lastly..many of you may know about this site...
If you haven't been here.. check it out!

This site has some very pretty and very interesting tees
with subliminal mesages..
Love this!...
This is one of the "tamer" teeshirts.

I like this lovely little necklace....

I think you will enjoy it!
It will appeal to the "saucy" side of your girly persona...
the sugar and spice and " don't $#@! with me" side!

Ok, i have spent way too much time on
the internet already today
and i haven't check out the vintage
patterns on eBay yet.
Must go and sew....

Caio! luv Weezi! xo