I CAN Crochet!

Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
Finally a completed crochet project that
i can share with you....
without being embarrassed!
I am very pleased with this little felted bag...
I had to wash it twice to get it
good and tight and soft.
I plan on many more like this!
Doing this one was a lot of fun...
I will do stripes next time i think...

Anyhow...I am in this obsessive flower mode...
i don't know what is up with me but i
want to put flowers on everything!
And always in the bottom right hand corner.
I don't get it but for now
i will go with it.
Happy Sunday!!!
Luv Weezi xo

ps...if anyone knows of a tutorial
on-line that shows how to
crochet little puffy polka dots....
could you PLEASE pass it
along to me.
I would be very appreciative!
I can't find anything and i would like to try something like this..xo