April Showers.....
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
Well..you know what they say ...
April Showers bring May flowers.

Now, i know it is not April yet..
But- it did rain like crazy today which made
me think of umbrellas.
I was trying to convince Milos to take an
umbrella to work with him this
morning. No luck..not very "manly".

Did you know... The word umbrella is from the Latin word umbra, which in turn derives from the Ancient Greek όμβρος (omvros). Its meaning is shade or shadow.

Hmmmm..interesting..tell me more!
Umbrella is another term for the parasol, which was first used as a protection against the scorching heat of the sun, "para" meaning prepare or shield and "sol" meaning sun. The word "umbrella" has evolved from the Latin "umbella" (and "umbel" is a flat-topped rounded flower) or "umbra" meaning shade.
( from www.wikipedia.org)

I used to have one of these clear big bubble
umbrellas when i was a kid..i loved it!
Yep..just like this only with a red band.

I like this one too...

Of course Fido needs one too!
hee hee! very cute!

And well..i couldn't resist looking
and i found this little gem...
OOOHHH!!-This poor pooch does NOT look
impressed with his rain coat!!

Better days are ahead!
Take care!! LUv Weezi xo