New Retro Patterns

New Retro Patterns

HI Pussycats!
I found some really great retro patterns!

I can't wait to try them out!
I really like the pocket detail on this one
and the dress is so soft and pretty.
I am really enjoying soft and pretty
more and more instead of "whor-ish and slutty".

I am getting really tired of "whor-ish and slutty"...
it is so old and pun intended.
You can BE "whor-ish and slutty" in a pretty
unassuming dress, that is much more fun! ;)

I especially like these dresses...

LUV the sleeve detail on the blue one
and pink one really is just divine.

No word on the car...still waiting.
That is the part i hate the most....the unknown.
Anyhow...caio for now!
luv Weezi xo