Bon Voyage Pussycats!
Well, i am not going anywhere yet..
BUT! -it is only one month today until Milos and i go to Prague.

But- truth be told i am an obsessive "packer".
I drag out those suitcases about 2 weeks before
and pack, repack and pack again.
I Love it!- getting ready to go is almost as much fun for
me as the journey is.

Having said that... I triple love
these new vintage inspired bags from Samsonite.

There is a line called Samsonite Black Label.
On this site they have a line of lovely bags
designed by Isabella Rossellini.

There is also is line by Alexander McQueen.

Very nice!
But, as my mother always said...
"white doesn't stay nice for very long!"
Airport travel is not know to be clean and tidy.

Then there is also a line designed by
Christina Ricci and Cameron Silver.
This is my favourite!

Now, i had trouble finding all this in one spot.
When you go to
There is a fashion collection link..but it only shows the
Isabella line.
I found the other 3 just thru google.

Anyhow..thought you just like
to have a peak....nice stuff
lots O' monies!
Have a great night! luv weezi xo