Elastic in Pants Makes Me Happy

Hellllu Pussycats!

Pant shopping for a lot women can be a trying experience
of epic proportion. Many of us have to try on ooodles of pairs
to try and find just one or two that might look good.
There are loads of jeans out there but none of them seem to fit
well. The waist is too big and the thighs too skinny or the zipper
is SO short it barely covers my "whooo-haa" ;)

Heaven forbid if you are like me and want high waisted jeans.
(And by high waist, I mean that they go to or over my belly belly button...
not to my hip bone as one salesgirl at Guess tried to educate me.
Please! If the zipper is less than 7" it isn't high waist. sheesh!)

I have a few issues issues going against me that qualifies me
as "fit-challenged". I am very short, I have big thighs, a fairly 
substantial butt and combine that with a sway back, you have
a recipe for disaster and the overwhelming desire to wear things w elastic ;)
The people who design jeans do not take these things into account.
I swear that they do their fittings on the back end of a giraffe.
So frustrating.

Anyhow....I gave up trying to find jeans for a long time.
 If I was in the right mood I might try a few on at a thrift store
but that usually resulted in a case of low self esteem mixed w
anger and the need for some peanut butter cups.
Then one day I was in a children's shoppe and saw a pair 
of pants that had an elastic running along the inside
of the waistband so the pants could be adjusted on the child.
Talk about a light bulb moment!
Elastic!! Yes! This could be the answer to my waistband blues.
I could add elastic to the back of the jean to help pull in the waist
and give me a better fit. Why didn't I think of this sooner???

---> A quick side note about a sway back. It isn't a horrible affliction
like it sounds. It just means that my back has quite a curve to it above my 
tailbone. It sort of looks like like someone "scooped" out part 
of my waist at the back. My spine and back are perfectly OK.

It is just how I was built. It can have a great effect in a pencil skirt but
a huge annoyance to fit in todays jeans and pants.
So, let's just say this story has a happy ending! The elastic trick works
and I have been doing it for years. The only time I can't do it is if
the denim or material is too thick. Then it just puckers, pokes into 
me and is very uncomfortable. 
Elastic in the waist has gotten a bad wrap for years with its association
in polyester stretchy pants and the things that little old lady's like to wear.
But honestly, I am all in favour of  elastic at the waist. 
So comfortable and it makes so much sense. 
Besides, who am I trying to impress? The Queen?? I bet she has elastic in her pants too ;)

Ok, so let's get down to business.
Here is a quick tutorial about how I add the elastic to my pants :)

#1. These floral jeans actually had a very small gap in the back but it was enough
 to make the pant feel like it didn't fit. And! I hate feeling the breeze from the gap.
I am SO over the days where i suffer for fashion. Give me comfort ;)

#2. I usually go out about an inch to an inch and a half from the center
back on both sides. I marked it w pins.

#3. Cut open a small slit just slightly smaller than the width of your elastic.
Make sure you only cut open the inside of the waistband.
Don't cut thru both sides or you are in trouble! Feed the elastic thru. 
Your waistband now becomes a sort of casing in the back.

#4. Make sure you pin the one side down before you pull the elastic.
Sounds like an obvious thing, but you'd be surprised how many times I was in a hurry and didn't
*palm plant to the forehead*

#5. Create a small amount of gathering and sort of eye ball what might be enough.
I usually sew down the one side before my first try-on.
This way the elastic won't pull out on you if a pin slips out AND! there is one less 
pin to prick you during your fitting ;)

#6. I use a small amount of Fray Check on the elastic to prevent fraying.
Don't use too much b/c it can dried hard and be scratchy against your skin.

#7. After a quick try on, this was how much I needed to pull the elastic and have 
the jeans feel comfortable.

#8. I zig zagged over the raw edges of the slit and over the elastic to prevent fraying.
( I normally don't do this b/c I like to keep the stitching on the back to a minimum.
 However, b/c of the floral pattern and the jeans are white based
I decided that you couldn't really see the stitching so it was Ok)
And that is as they say...that. Done!

#10. This time I did something that I don't normally do and added a piece from
the hem that I cut off onto the back.
You will notice that sometimes when you add the elastic to the back this is a slight
downward curve in the waistband. The elastic can pull the waist in and down as well.
I tend to be a bit neurotic about these things, but I don't like the feelings of
the waist banding dipping down in the back. It feels like I always need to pull my 
pants up in the back to have them sit where it is comfortable.
So, I experimented this time and added the piece to the back to avoid
the feeling that the waist was "dipping" at the center back.
It worked! It wasn't too bulky and the pants were perfectly comfortable :)

#11. Looks a little odd but that is OK w me. 
They fit nicely now and that is all that matters.

If you have issues with your pants sticking out at the back
waist, I highly suggest you give it a try.
Just remember, not on bulky fabrics.

If you have any questions, I am happy to try and help.
Chat Soon! Ta for now,
Luv Weezi xo