Opps- My Poor Face

Helllu Everyone!!!

I have been bad. Yep! I slacked off, spent some time
in the sun ( as now I am a gardener ;) and in general goofed 
off in regards to my face care & now I am paying the price.
Big time.

which I still LUV and use religiously. I have been wearing that
everyday and reapplying in the afternoons but it wasn't enough
amongst other things.

I should have paid better attention to my body about 3 weeks ago when
 I started to feel bloaty & kinda "gross". I chalked it up
to the stress of the move, feeling out of sorts re: my biz
and just upheaval of a big move, different schedules etc.
I was silly for not paying better attention bc not
long after that bloaty-ness started  my face 
got angry with me. Very angry. It was super red, sore 
and very uncomfortable. I could literally feel it
getting hotter & hotter each day. I could feel small bumps
growing bigger. My face was very hot to the touch and
it was not only embarrassing but annoying & tres depressing.
The worst really, is that it was/is my own fault.
This is my face today and this is the best it has been in over a month.
I couldn't bare to take pictures prior to this.
Most of June and July were 10xs a bad as today.
Most days very sore and dry. That combo makes me crazy
bc I am never sure which to "treat" first. Try to reduce the red or does
the dryness cause the red??? You wonder why I drink?
this is why! ;)

Now, I KNOW there are gals out there w worse afflictions
and to some this may not be bad but for me this is bad enough.
A lot of the redness has dyed down this week and many of the little
acne bumps have dried up but it is still really sore and HOT.
I tried ice, cool compresses and cucumbers nothing helped.
I need to stay out of the sun!! I will have to accept that I
do most of my gardening in the evening. Period.

Anyhow, for those that are interested in triggers I think
(in hind sight)
that an increase in sugar is the biggee to blame as I have been making 
 loads of fruity punches to enjoy for a fun summer drink.
Everyday I was making something pretty w pink lemonade,
fruit juices and ginger ale. Deeelish!
Ummm. no. I have to stop bc I think it is sugar overload
and as a general rule, I eat that much sugar. Cheese? yes. But not sugar.
( will switch to making cold green tea drinks I think)
I have been eating a lot of fruit bc it is deelish and in season but....
I should know that my stomach doesn't agree
with fruit esp. strawberries & neither does my face :(

I have been drinking Chilean red wine & now I am switching 
over to Italian.  I KNOW what they say about wine but dammit life is short.
I am going to enjoy my wine, I just have to find the right country ;)
I can live with a red sore face but I can't live wout my red wine :)
So, long story long I haven't been taking my vitamins, I am slacking
about what I eat and I have been in the sun too much.

I also stopped washing with my homemade oil cleansing method
 bc the oil was getting a bit  heavy for the summer. I still really like it
and it certainly keeps the dryness at bay but I think I hit a plateau & my face
"got used" to the products I was using both natural & non natural.
It happens quite a lot and it does make me a bit crazy bc
you think you have found a treatment or regimen that works and
2 months later...nothing. It won't work anymore. Grrrr! 

For the last couple of months I was using just the Vitamin E cream
 in the morning bc I washed my face before bed. Then the sea algae cleanser
(which I LUV ) Vitamin E oil and zinc at night.
BTW- I stopped washing my face twice a day bc I felt it was too
much for my skin. I break out less when I wash less.
I wash well before night and in the morning just moisturize.
Maybe I will use lemon juice if there is still zinc left
on my face when I get up.

Now, at night I am using Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser with some lemon juice 
as a toner followed by the Vitamin E oil or Jojoba oil and zinc before bed.
Lastly I want to starting taking the low dose aspirin again to help reduce
redness. That I do think works as long as I stay out of the sun.
Also, back on the Vitamins! Do they work?
I can't say for sure but I need to try something and that seems
 as good a place as any...that & Italian wine ;)
Actually I DO think they work and I know I am deficient in a lot
of the basics do to being a vegetarian & sometimes ( ok often!)
 being lazy bc I always cook for one.

Anyhow...that is my sad little update.
Misery luvs company and this acne/rosacea battle is no fun but maybe
can be made less awful by sharing our stories & experiences.
If I can help make anyone feel a bit better or look into a produce that
will actually help, it was worth the post and the slightly
embarrassing photo.
Good luck to us all! I will keep you posted over the next couple of months.
Stay out of the sun and if you find a red wine that doesn't wreck
your face, let me know!! ;)

Chat soon!! Luv Weezi xo