Vintage Finds This Week

One of my greatest pleasures in life is thrift store shopping.
Nothing makes me happier then a great find during
a nice afternoon of purrozing thru the second hand shoppes
 with my Mum.
These are the treasures I gathered this week :)

1. Wonderful metal toast holder with cute little
glass trays for jam & butter at either end.
I will have to think of a fun use for this

2. English Cottage tea cup & saucer
Since my trip to Anne Hathaway's cottage in England last
year, I can't pass up any piece of china w a cottage on it.

3. Gold plate metal baskets
I will spray paint these and use them for display

Carefully researched detail, the lives and experiences 
of the first generation of American women to face
 the demands of industrial capitalism.
There seem to be mixed reviews for this book but I
will give it a try this summer)

5. Pretty pink flower necklace
From the 50s or 60s I think

6. I am really into needlework pieces of flowers and roses these days.
I am going to remove the work, paint the frames something 
fun and bright and then return the needlework. Stay tuned :)

Hope you have had some great finds this week too!
Ta for now! Luv Weezi xo