Our New Home

Welcome to our new home :)
Just two months ago we moved from our downtown apartment
 that we shared for over ten years to this lovely little house
and we couldn't be happier!
It is perfect for Milos and I and of course our Stella :)

It is everything we had hoped for.
It is small, quaint with lots of character and is located in a 
gorgeous quiet neighbourhood full of trees & gardens & lovely people.
*sigh* It is our own version of paradise.
We knew the moment we walked thur the door in 
February to view it that we wanted to live 
here for the rest of our lives.

Today I am going to post a mini tour :)
I still have to get the hang on the lighting in here
so some of the photos are a wee bit dark, my apologies.
We still have lots of unpacking to do and I haven't even begun
to decorate so you will notice the state of chaos.
 Nevertheless, I think you get the over feel
and charm of our little house. We did paint all the rooms new fun colours
except the bathroom. I will do a before & after post of the house later
on in the week as it was mostly beige & taupe when we moved in.

Okay so here we go...
It was built in 1931 and is 83 years old.
Most of the house remains in its original condition, thankfully. 
Oh if these walls could talk!

The Living Room. 
The original fireplace does work!
Having a warm crackling fire might just make winter a bit 
of a pleasure this year :)
Original leaded and stain glass windows & hard wood floors.

We choose the deep eggplant bc I thought it would make the room
 feel really warm and pull out the nice reds and pinks in the store in the fireplace. 
It also goes great w all the dark wood in here :)

The Dining Room. 
Sheesh! What a mess this is still!

We painted the dining room a deep cranberry red to make it feel
"rich" and distinguished.....as distinguished as we two get ;)
I am not sure what the technical name for the windows 
but I call them wonderful. I really like the texture of the stucco walls too.

The Kitchen
Again...pardon the mess.

We painted this room what I call neutral blue. I wanted it to go red accessories
and with my other blue accessories from the last place and not clash. 
You can't have clashing accessories and "do-dads" in the kitchen. The horror! ;)
So many cupboards AND more then one drawer! Luxury!
(our last place only had one drawer in the kitchen)
The old ironing board cupboard is now a spice cupboard.

Bedroom ~ Bathroom ~ Linen Closet
There were two clinchers for me when we saw this house for
the first time. The windows in the living room & dining room and
the floor in the bathroom :) I fell in luv with the honeycomb tile instantly.
How amazing that our floor is 83 years and still looks fabulous.
The house is a two bedroom house and typical of the time it was built, the
rooms are very small and the closets are super tiny but we don't mind.
I like small rooms, it makes the house very cosy. The small closets
are a bit of a challenge for this thrift store addict!
 I am going to have to be very organized in there
and use every square inch very wisely ;)

Now, I mention the small linen closet in the hallway because I can't even begin to
describe how happy I am to have one. There were no closets in our
other place so you can understand my joy. I mean look at it!
I can fold things and stack them neatly away....on shelves!
No more cramming things into plastic bins and under dusty shelves.
I can purr-oooze thru my towels w ease. LOL! It doesn't take
much to make me happy let me tell you ;) Give this gal a linen
closet and I can do laundry and fold sheets, blankets & towels
all day w big smile on my face :)

The Sewing Room
This is the humble beginning of my new sewing space. As you can see
I am a bit of a collector and pack rat ;) 

I so enjoy being surrounded by things that make me smile. 
Lots of memories attached to my various things and collectibles.
 I like to think of who gave them to me or what was going on when I got them. 
Where I was when I acquired them.
Happy memories fill me with joy and help me to be inspired. It is my happy place.
Like the rest of the house, still lots of organizing to do in here but over all
I am very happy with the space.

The Weezi Studio

These are the humble beginnings of the new Weezi Studio.
I am a bit overwhelmed with this project I have to admit.
I have just recently put what I can up, out or in something. I hope to do
an inventory check this week and get the Weezi Etsy Shoppe back up
and running. To be honest, I had no idea how long it would take
me to get things put in some sort of controlled chaos down here.
I guess you have to start somewhere right??

So that concludes the wee tour of our house today :)
I hope you enjoyed it!
We truly feel blessed to live here and look forward to creating
many great new memories here with our family & friends.
We were at the right place at the right time and are grateful
everyday to be in such a lovely place.
Thanx a million for popping by and having a peek!

Ta for now! Chat soon! Luv Weezi xo


phrawr said...

Lovely place and lovely colours!

Lisa Weezi Gaverluk said...

thank you!! :)

Tina Beynen said...

It's gorgeous, congrats!

Eyecandypopper said...

Congrats on such a cute house!