What's New at the Weezi Studio

What's New at the Weezi Studio
Happy St. Patrick's Day Pussycats!

Here are some pictures of what is new in the studio.

New Kitchen Sink bags.

New front gather bags....

Some of the new lamps...

There is a bit of a camera theme going on ;)

We have lots of new handmade earrings in the studio as well.
$9.98 to $22.98

A few lovely new necklaces...

That is all for today Pussycats!
Enjoy the sun and all the green festivities!!!
Be in touch!

Luv Weezi xoxo

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Toria said...

O how I adore the flower power bag and that 70's hand-bag. And how did you ever get Stella to pose like that? She is the prettiest kitty I have seen in years.