Easy At Home Screen Printing
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!!!

I found this interesting machine today on line...

It is called a YUDU Personal Screen Printer

It looks pretty cool.
If you just want to make a few things I think it would be ideal.

I watched a tutorial about how to use the machine

It is about 15 minutes long.
The "acting" in this video is a little forced and stiff but she does explain
what is involved in a very thorough manner.

There is also a bunch of videos on YouTube

( sorry, I don't have the actual video link on here.
I am doing something wrong but I don't know what,
but the links will take you to the video)

It seems as though they are not readily available in Canada ( big shocker)
but there are many on Ebay and they seem to be going for about $250-$300
Canadian with shipping.

So, Pussycats that is my big news for today ;)

Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday afternoon!

BTW- Record Bowls are now 50% off so that
makes them all $5.00 each.

Be in touch!

Luv Weezi xo


Lune Vintage said...

Hi! I just found you through flickr when finding a group to post some of our dresses. Ack! You stole my heart. Next time I'm taking a road trip, I'm totally coming to visit you! You've got the spark!~

x0xstellarx0x said...

This is amazing! Are you planning on getting a screenprinter for your shop?

Weezi.com said...

I wish! but no...I am not getting a screen printer..I am running out of room up here ;)