A Mish Mash Saturday of Apples, Gorgeous Earrings and Hedgehogs

Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
I am sorry that I didn't post any blogs this week.
I have been a wee bit crazy trying to get spring in gear here
and most of my time has been spent pattern making and sewing.
I promise to try harder this week!

I found these really cute little bags from
Noei in Vancouver...

She uses lovely Japanese fabrics.

This one is adorable and you KNOW how much I luv nesting dolls.

You have to take a look at these gorgeous earrings from
Eliwill Elizabeth A. William's shoppe..

These are amazing! So pretty and feminine.
I might need to buy these....
She shipping is only $3.00 to Canada which is very fair.

These are called Stella and I might have to get
them based on the name alone ;)

Ok, I am going to have to check out the exchange rate today.
She shoppe is loaded w great jewelry.

This shoppe Allenbrite has the cute little totes...

She has hedgehogs and owls and cats and squirrels.
Quite a mix!
So cute.

This one is my fav for obvious reasons.

How adorable is this bag????

Her shipping is only $4.76 to Canada which is very good.
If anyone orders from her PLEASE let me know.

Some one has to order a hedgehog bag and it may just be me ;)

Have a great Saturday Pussycats!
Enjoy the sun! It is really starting to feel like spring out there...

I am here today until 6:00.
Stop by if you are downtown this afternoon.

Be in touch! Luv Weezi xoxo