Vintage (Inspired) Aprons

Vintage (Inspired) Aprons
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
I have been very inspired by vintage aprons lately.
I am really jazzed by all the pretty little ruffles and cute details.
I am a sucker for lovely cottons , polka dots and pretty little floral patterns.

Anyone who knows me knows I spend as little time in
the kitchen as possible and wearing one of these won't change that.
BUT!- I am thinking of making some and wearing them
just to wear them...imagine that.

Enjoy these....

so cute.

Well Pussycats, after finding all of these...
I think that I will indeed be making
some vintage inspired aprons.

Have a great day!
Be in touch!

Luv Weezi xoxo


matersum said...

I actually own the Boojiboo in the black damask. It's so much lovelier in person! I even had a toddler-sized one made to match. :) Nice apron selections! said...

OOH!!! how great that you have one of her aprons! her work is lovely!
I am very inspired by her.

matersum said...

I look forward to seeing your creations!!