British Street Style

British Street Style
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
Ever since I was in Grade 9 and discovered The English Beat, Mary Quant
Rude Boy and Mod culture I have been in love w British street fashion.
This may be a little know fact about me.

I often tried to dress like the two-tone girl in high school...I don't think there
are any pics of this thank God!
Anyhow...I found this page this morning and really like
some of the pics they posted.

This first pic is my fav....this really embodies spring to me! :)
I think she looks stunning and this pic totally made my day!!

I LUV these boots!

I really like how her hair compliments her dress
and I adore her white Mary Jane shoes!!!

This is my second fav b/c it is so simple and so feminine.
Her dress and coat together are perfect in a Weezi world.
The only thing that is wrong is that bag....ick.
Too big, too gold.

Have a great day Pussycats!!
Be in Touch!! Luv Weezi xoxoooxx