46 days until spring & Tee Shirt Disasters!
Well today is a mish mash of stuff......
First of all I found these Kitty Wallets on Etsy.

LUV these!!!!-of course.
My birthday is only 4 months away if anyone is wondering!
Over the weekend I starting working on a new tee shirt.

This is the horrible sketch of what was in my head.

I CANNOT draw to save my life so I purposely left
this photo blurry and hard to look at.
It is embarrassing for a "designer" but it is a sad fact....
I never could draw and I have to learn to live w it.
Consequently I never sketch..it is all in my wee brain!
Scary thought!

Moving onward .....b/c I tend to "rattle on".

I was all excited!!

I finally got it down to this final fitting which I was really happy with.

I didn't bother w sleeves b/c I knew they would fit fine.

Then I got my pattern a graded and cut out.....

I did do one tee and I HATED it..I picked the worst fabric and it bombed.
Dammit! It was a disaster!
So, I don't have a finished tee to show you....yet.
Give me a couple of days.
They can't all be gems Pussycats!

Have a great Monday!!
Be in touch!! Luv Weezi xoxoxoxo