Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
I would like to introduce
you to my lovely boyfriend

For those of you who have never met him...
He is my boyfriend of 5 years.
He is from the Czech Republic.
He is VERY knowledgeable about beer.
He is going to be helping me in the
studio for the next little while.

If you are asking your self why I am
telling you this...
it is b/c when you come to the Weezi studio
you will most likely find him
working away there on his laptop.

He is very friendly and can be of some help
to you if you need.
He will page me to run down
when you come in...I will be
next door in my other studio sewing.

FYI- he is very cool..not at all strange or weird.
Well, maybe after too many shots of Becherovka.
But who isn't strange after one too many shots?!

Will be posting new things i am working on over the weekend.
Hope everything is going well with all
of you!!!
Take care, Luv Weezi xo