Yep, I am sewing geek.

New Patterns!

Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
Yep, I am sewing geek.
There is no denying it.
These patterns arrived today and my
blood pressure went up a notch.
My heart started to beat a little faster.
It was just like Christmas....

I don't know which one to try first.

This gathering in the yoke is so
right now.

More gathering at the neckline.
This will rock for Holiday!!!

I am sooooooo excited
about this Mary Quant.
She is my absolute favourite designer
of all time.

This little jumper is so
nice and "swishy".
I see red and black. OR-Wait!! ... green and purple!
I see houndstooth...paisley?
OH!!! so much to choose from
and such little time.

But this sadly has to be the last
of them for a while.

I need to regin in my eBay buying and get
some stuff paid off.

Some ween off drugs..
Me... I have to ween of vintage sewing patterns.

Must go and lock up my credit cards!
Ta ta for now!!! Luv Weezi xo