The Margo Dress

Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
I was working on this dress yesterday.
I am calling this dress the Margo Dress.

I did the fittings on myself.
Not much to fit really.
I used an old pattern from the 60's and
they fit quite well as a rule.

I wanted to check on how the sleeve fit (ick)...
and how much shape there was to it
and how the rolled collar sat.

I decided it needed a bit of gathering in the front
to update it a bit.

Everything fit great.I took it in a bit at the sides
to give it a bit more shape.
Very nice.

So, I tried to take a couple pics
to show the finished dress...
Jeeze! I don't know which is worse...
taking pics of red things or black things.

Anyhow...these are just
to wet your whistle as they say.

A straight, loose, 60's cut.
3/4 sleeves
White rolled collar
Small pleats in the center front.
Back zipper.

I really love how these turned out...

I am sorry you can't really see how great they are..
You will just have to come in and see for your self.

As of today 1 small and 1 medium.

Very 60's...a little "Factory Girl"..
a wee bit Jackie O.
Will do more in other colours.

Hope all is well!
Caio! Weezi xo