Saying Goodbye & Looking Forward to New Beginnings

Helllllu Pussycats!

Well, as of last week we moved.
It took me almost 2 months to pack everything up and
somehow we managed to get everything crammed in here ;)

It was with mixed feelings that I watched the evolution of our
home and my studio empty out. I was feeling very nostalgic as well
as excited to leave and move forward.

I spent many wonderful and happy times with a lot of great people
in that apartment. Outside of my parent's house it was the
 most formative place that I have lived. It holds just over a third of my life.
That was something for me to ponder.
I thought about the great parties I had there. All the faces that came and
went thru that door. I thought  about all lovely people who shared my home with
me whether it was for an hour or for a weekend and where they are now.

I have to admit I was ready to leave when the time came
 and that was a huge relief for me. I was worried that when the 
time came that I would be sad to leave 204 Albert St. but I wasn't.
I was full of good memories and hum of all the voices that once
enjoyed that spot as much as I did will stay w me forever no
matter where I live or work next  :)

 Here is quick look at how the apartment and the studio came to a close.

The packing started in full force the first week of February.

The studio got packed up the end of March.

Stella said "I'll just sit here and watch but yell if you need my advice"  :)

Packing up the sewing room was no easy task let
me tell you! I am a bit of a pack rat....ever sewer is! ;)

My pink store seemed sort of lonely without all the goodies I had to admit.

Almost nothing left....

Stella has all her essentials just before moving day...
Water, cat grass, her pillow, tools and a Macleans magazine ;)

April 22nd at 8:15am.....the moving van has arrived :)

Next post will have some pics of the new house and
the new Weezi work space :)

Have a great Friday! Luv Weezi xo

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Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

best of luck in your new spot....moving is so exciting and kinda painful all at the same time....