This Week's Thrift Store Finds :)

Helllu Pussycats!!

It is not a secret that I am addicted to
thrifting and the thrill of the find.
I hit up the local shoppes once a week
and I am almost never disappointed.

This week was no exception! I found some
wonderful gems while shopping with my Mum :)

1. I am very much into vintage floral needle work.
This little gem is a beauty!

2. Call me a nutter but I can't pass up covered hangers.
Pretty AND practical :)

3. I obviously couldn't resist these adorable little tulip earrings.
*as if I could leave them there!*

4. Q. How many multi strand necklaces can one gal have?
A. as many as she can find! :)
( this pink 5 strand beee-ute was a total score! Mum had to keep
the other ladies from fishing them out of our cart!)

5. Sweet little rhinestone brooch will be perfect for spring
( if spring ever gets here mind you!)

6. Yes, you have seen correctly! An Anne Hathaway cottage
tea cup & saucer set in Stratford upon Avon :) 
Weeeeee! Tres happy about this find as we were there in Sept.

7. Smashing blue single strand had to come home w me bc it 
matches so well with the wee brooch :)

I am very happy with my finds and I can't wait to
see gems I find next week!

Have a great night Pussycats!
Ta ta for now! Weezi xo

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Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Truly lucky to have found such beautiful items! Those earrings are gorgeous!